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Who likes it when their data subscription is finished? I bet you don't like it either. This could be your best chance to drastically reduce the occurrence of such. We believe you have every right to remain connected to the internet and we have tailored our data services to ensure just that. 

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Hotdata55 is a subsidiary of Mozizskyline technology services a Registered Company that is in Partnership with all Telecommunication Company in Nigeria to Carry Out Telecom Business and Training on ICT Opportunities and Online Businesses That Can Create Massive Wealth For Everyone. CERTIFIED BY Corporate Affair Commission (CAC) BN: 3177782 We Will Give You A Certificate That Qualifies You To Print Your Own Recharge card of all network




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Please chat your account manager via whatsapp, send the amount paid, bank paid into, date of payment and your username.
Please chat your account manager with the details for resolution.
But our customer HelpDesk is available as follows : Mon - Saturday : 7am - 11pm, Sunday : 3pm - 9pm.
Send the order details to your account manager. The refund will be processed within 24 hours.
Send the order details via whatsapp to your account manager. Include the phone number, data volume and date of transaction


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